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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is pricing different for Brantford and Brant County?

A: The driving distances are usually larger for Brant County – for delivery and pickup of the bin, as well as the location of the landfill..


Q: How do I know if I'm in Brantford or Brant County?

A: The simplest way to tell is by who you pay your taxes to – Brantford or Brant County – it will be the same as the landfill your garbage goes to.

Q: What is Clean Fill?

A: Clean fill consists of dirt & sod, gravel, broken up concrete, blocks, asphalt or bricks. Only soil can be mixed with sod, and broken up concrete or gravel with blocks or bricks. Absolutely NO garbage can go in with these loads.

Q: How high can I fill the bin?

A: In order that we can tarp and safely transport your filled bin, it should NOT be filled over the top edge of the bin.

Q: How do you protect my driveway?

A: The hook lift system we use is driveway friendly, we then take extra precaution with boards under the front and back of the bin to prevent scratches and/or gouges on your driveway, at no extra charge.

Q: What is NOT allowed in the bin?

A: We do not accept any hazardous waste, paints, solvents, chemicals, asbestos, tires, propane tanks, batteries, electronics, or appliances. Any costs associated with proper disposal of these items found in the bin or any environmental impacts, will be billed to the customer.

Q: Do you supply lids to keep other people from putting their junk in my bin?

A: No we don’t, but suggest purchasing a cheap tarp from your local hardware store, which usually discourages others from “sharing” your bin.

Q: What do I do if I fill up my bin and need another one?

A: Give us a call and we would be happy to bring you another one. The same rental rate applies to the additional bin(s) delivered, as well as the tipping fees incurred for each load – this also can allow for additional days to be added to your rental period.

Q: When will the bin be delivered/ picked up?

A: There are many variables in the day such as weather, traffic, landfill lineups, and our call volumes that make it difficult to guarantee a specific time. We usually deliver and pickup bins between 7 AM and 6 PM.

Q: What if I don't have a driveway – can I put the bin on my lawn? Or on the road?

A: No, we cannot put the bin on the road, as municipal by-laws do not allow it. If the ground is dry, we can place the bin on your lawn, but remember that the truck is heavy and may leave ruts, which is your responsibility to repair.

Q: Why deal with a family run business rather than a franchised company?

A: A family run business does not have the added overhead of franchise fees, which need to be covered in your bin rental cost. Also a family run business has more heart and soul added to the customer service as it is our own name that personally receives good review or poor.

** Please note the landfill has requirements for loads brought to them, with the goal to divert more recyclables from disposal at their site, encouraging everyone to place cardboard, blue box recyclables, metals, or brush at curbside for collection and not mixed in disposal bins with waste. Loads MAY NOT CONTAIN electronics, tires, propane tanks, or appliances.

** We also DO NOT ACCEPT any hazardous waste – solvents, chemicals (ie. paint or paint cans), oils (ie. drums or tanks), tar, gasoline, fluorescent light tubes or fixtures, medicines or sharps, fertilizers or automotive fluids.

You can find more information at your local landfill’s website, or feel free to call us if you have any questions.

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“Tim’s Bins answers their phone right away and are always a pleasure to do business with. Tim’s Bins deliver and pick up on time and are courteous and polite. We have rented their dumpster bins several times now and their price is very reasonable. Give them a call, you’ll be happy with their service. We highly recommend them!”

Mike & Shannon

St.George, September 2013

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